Acupuncture is the insertion of extremely fine needles into the skin to gently manipulate the body's energy into harmony and balance.
Sarah offers acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, hot stone massage, tui na and shiatsu massage, moxa, herbal therapy, electrical stimulation, cupping, and Oriental nutritional counseling.
Cosmetic Acupuncture
Acupuncture, facial massage, supplements, and herbal therapy are used as a natural face lift to reduce wrinkles, lift, tighten, and brighten skin.
Hot Stone Massage
Hot stones are used to massage and relax muscles and remodel tissues to get them back into proper alignment. It also improves circulation, promotes deep relaxation, and rids the body of toxins.
Acupuncture is the fastest growing form of health care and the most often asked about form of medicine to insurance companies.
Tui Na and Shiatsu
Tui Na is Chinese medical massage. Shiatsu is Japanese massage. They are widely used to relax muscle tension and work with acupuncture points and energy meridians to bring the body back into harmony and resolve disease.
Moxa, artemesia vulgaris, mugwort, is a Chinese herb. It is burned on top of the skin or on top of a needle to warm the points and channels, stimlulate immunity, and resolve pain.
Herbal Therapy
Chinese herbs harmonize imbalances in the body's energy that cause pain and disease. Herbs are taken internally and applied topically. They alleviate everything from digestive difficulties to sleep and emotional disturbances.
Electrical Stimulation
Electrical leads attach to needles to stimulate tissues. It is used to treat pain, increase circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, stimulate nerves and tissue growth, etc. 
Cups provide a suction that pulls skin and tissues away from the body to increase circulation, warm tissues, release myofascial tension, and pull out pathogens in the case of cold and flus.
Oriental Nutritional Counseling
Oriental nutrition provides a knowledge base about food in terms of what foods feed what organs and are nourishing or draining to certain diseases.