How to prepare for your first treatment:

It is best to receive acupuncture when you have something in your stomach but are not too full. That gives us more energy to work with. Please wear loose clothing that will make it easier to access the points. Drink plenty of water before and after your treatment.

Please give yourself enough time to get to the clinic so you don’t have to rush. It gives me the clearest picture of your energy when you are calm and present. Please arrive five minutes early to complete a small amount of paperwork. Or you may

What to expect for your first treatment: 

Your first treatment will last 90 minutes. The first 30-40 minutes will be spent learning about the whole picture of your health. You can expect to have needles in for at least half an hour. You may have anywhere from 10-30 needles and you may receive other therapies included in Oriental medicine that do not involve needles such as moxa, electrical stimulation, or shiatsu. If you are particularly nervous about the needles please realize that we do not necessarily need to use needles in our treatment and, if we do, and our needles are very small and nothing like ones used for blood draws or shots. The Japanese style of acupuncture is very gentle and uses shallow needle insertion, sometimes the needles will be inserted only 1mm deep, and minimal stimulation. At the end of our session we will establish a treatment plan that will outline a timeline for our course of treatment as well as recommendations for herbal treatment, diet, and lifestyle to help you achieve your health goals.

You may experience relief immediately or it may take a few days or several weeks. Please be aware that acupuncture and herbal medicine are not magic and will not “cure” you immediately. This is energetic medicine and it takes time to re-establish patterns that have developed over time. I recommend my patients come at least once per week for 6-10 weeks. Though you may find relief much sooner than that! It is my goal to improve your condition so that you may only have to come in once per month, only on an as needed basis, or not at all.
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"I totally trust Sarah's skill as an acupuncturist and would recommend receiving care from her. After just one treatment, the elbow pain I'd had for months was 90 percent gone. I am looking forward to our next session."
                                                 E.L., Boulder, CO