Sarah W Stillman, L.Ac, MSOM
Welcome to White Peony Acupuncture in Boulder and Lyons, CO
​How does acupuncture work?

Oriental medicine has a rich and successful history that reaches back thousands of years. In a few words, acupuncture and herbal therapy rebalance the body so it can heal itself. The ancient medicine accesses meridians, or channels, that run the length of the body and carry energy, or “qi.” The energy along these meridians and the acupuncture points on the meridians can become imbalanced, creating pain and disease. Acupuncture gently reminds the body how to get back in harmony as well as prevents disharmony before it arises. Acupuncture promotes blood circulation and releases endorphins. It affects certain areas of the brain that release hormones and stimulates the release of neurotransmitters to bring the body into better balance. 
3775 Iris Ave, #3B
Boulder, CO 80301​

Also practicing in Lyons, CO​
Boulder:  Tues, Thurs  8:30-3:30
​Lyons: Weds, Fri         8:30-2

Acupuncture initial consultation 
         and treatment (90min)
Follow-up Treatments (1hr) 
House calls (Initial 90min) 
​House calls (Follow-up 1hr)
Cosmetic acupuncture (1hr)
Cosmetic acu (90 min)    

These prices do not include herbs.
I accept insurance as an out of network provider. Ask your provider if your plan covers out of network acupuncture services. 

I can always provide super bills for patients to self submit.